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We are excited to work with our community. We love fundraising & look forward to being a part of your fundraiser.  You can raise funds for your schools, sports teams, charities & community organizations!  We definitely want it to be very successful. Here are some fundraising ideas & opportunities! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. We are truly grateful & appreciative to be a part of your extended family.

Eleni Linardakis
[email protected]

Contact us for fundraising opportunities!

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Gift Certificates for Good

Olympians will donate $5 from each $20 Gift Certificate Purchased!

All you have to do is take orders for at least 50 gift certificates.  Your organization will sell them for $20 and can get them from us for only $15.  Therefore the remaining $5 will go directly to you organization or charity!

We can sell you the gift certificates in advance or if you prefer to take the orders first that is entirely up to you.

Many organizations choose this because it allows people to give the gift certificates as gifts as well as does not limit them to a designated date. It allows people that are limited in their daily schedules to participate and help their organization, feeling as if they have contributed!

Gift Certificates can be used at either of our locations and do not expire.

Spirit Day Fundraiser



Here’s how it works!

Our Spirit Days are exactly that: All Day! We like to host them for the whole day. It gives everyone the opportunity to come anytime during the day to support your fundraiser. We think this in turn helps your fundraiser be more successful by not limiting people when they can come!

We will donate 10% of the Sales acquired by the people that bring in your flyer. All they have to do is give your designated flyer to one of our Spartans & Olympians Team Members so we know who is here for your fundraiser! Your fundraiser can apply for Dine In or Carry Out.



Let’s Get Started

Together we can set a date that will work for both your organization and our availability. You then make flyers for your event and we can email you our logos to use on your flyers!




After the details of the picking a date & flyers are all done, then all you have to do is promote your fund-raiser. Give out flyers to everyone that you can. Flyers cannot be passed out in or in front of the restaurants but other than that the sky is the limit! Not only will this help spread the word to raise more money for your organization but it will build awareness to your organization! And remember to take lots of pictures of your Spirit Day at Spartans or Olympians to show your Spirit! #ilovespartans #iloveolympians



It’s all about the Spartitude!

Remember that raising money for your organization is making a difference in lives. That itself should put a smile on all of our faces! If we all have #Spartitude we can accomplish anything!